Personal Tax Returns

Several Personal Tax Returns, Adjustments and Audits Completed

Personal Tax Accountant Toronto

Personal Tax Accountant Toronto

The most common thing all Canadian taxpayers share is they have to pay their taxes. Although each individual has unique circumstances and that applies to both personal and corporate tax payers. What this means is you need to get your tax requirements managed individually. No two people’s case is ever the same.

If you need to find the right accountant for your needs, you have just landed in the right place.  IQ Accounting is your personal tax accountant in Toronto and rest of the GTA. You have a huge choice of Canadian tax firms in Ontario.  However bigger and more expensive is not the way to go.  Our tax professionals can identify your unique tax requirements and with over 20 years of experience can provide you with a tax solution that will save you time and money.  IQ Accounting is your trusted personal tax accountant Toronto. We provide you with a personalized service which is second to none.  We get to know you and your situation and provide you with the best solutions and advice.

Taxes are a personalized matter.  For this reason we have structured ourselves to make personalized tax services a priority for you. We provide accurate and prompt service in preparing and filing your Personal Tax Return. We know how to maximize your benefit; in other words, how to minimize your tax burden. Our experienced and highly educated tax professionals will diagnose your tax situation and prepare your return keeping in mind your needs. You will get the answer to all your questions related to income tax in relevance to your situation.We would be extremely pleased to help you with your taxes whether personal, business or both. Please feel free to fill out the simple no obligation free consultation form here on the right side and let us help you get your personal taxes taken care of.

We prepare your current or previous years tax returns.

We serve many different clients, here are some examples of our clients;

Your Personal Tax Accountant in Toronto

Your Personal Tax Accountant in Toronto

– Employees (in any sector)

– Self employed (small business owners)

– Drywall installers, roofers, contractors

– Graphic designers, artist, entertainers

– Commission sales agents including real estate and mortgage agents

– Real estate investors

– Stock traders, options, and investors

– Professionals, Doctors, chiropractors, lawyers, dentists

– Multi-level marketing business owners

– Internet marketing business owners

– Seniors

– Students

How Can Help You

How Can We Help You?

We can help you with the following:

– Personal tax returns

– Overdue returns

– Valuations for Matrimonial matters

– Tax Planning

– Estate Returns

– Objections

– T1 Adjustments

– T4 & payroll for caregivers

– Voluntary Disclosure

– T1135 Forms

– Or any other tax or accounting matters

We have produced several Personal Tax Returns, current and past returns included. We take your personal information seriously and in full confidence. You don’t want to give your personal information to anyone but an experienced trusted professional.  With over 5000 personal tax returns completed we have been the trusted choice for so many as their personal tax accountant Toronto.


"IQ Accounting Toronto accounting
firm has helped me tremendously
over the years with my personal tax
problems and business management.
They are always courteous, and on
top of things. Thank you so much for
always being there and supporting
me and my business."

"I was looking for accountant for
weeks when a friend referred me to
IQ Accounting. From the beginning
they know what to do for my
business. I am small but they treat
me like anyone else. By far the best
accounting firms Toronto has.
Thank you."

-Personal Tax Returns
-Corporate Tax Returns
-Business Services
-Bookkeeping & Payroll
-Full Cycle Accounting

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